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Criticizes the Quality of the Education in Indonesia September 28, 2011

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The education in Indonesia is still concerned and criticized. The quality has not met the expectation. The causes of the very low quality are the effectiveness, efficiency, and teaching standardization problems. Those are general problems faced by our education.

“While the specific problems of our education are the poor condition of the facility, the poor teacher quality and welfare, the poor student achievement, the low opportunity on education equality, the low education and needs relevance, and the high education cost,” explained the Dean of Universitas Djuanda (Unida) Fisikom Bogor, Drs. Beddy Iriawan Maksudi, M.Si.

Beddy was present as one of the speakers in the discussion forum about Indonesian education themed “The Poor Condition of Indonesian Education” at the Unpad Education Festival (Edufest) 2011 held by the Unpad Keluarga Mahasiswa Student Executive Board (BEM) at the Unpad Rectorate Multifunction Room, Jl. Dipati Ukur no. 35 Bandung, Saturday (09/17).

As for the facility, there are many schools and universities with damaged buildings, poor learning media ownership and use. While the laboratories do not meet the standard, the use of information technology does not suffice. “Let alone school buildings in remote places outside Java Island, the condition of those in big cities inside is also saddening,” said Beddy.

In the forum moderated by Andromeda Mercury, who was host at TVOne, present as speaker was Dr. Megawati Santoso, representing Directorate General of Higher Education (Dikti). She admitted that the high cost of the higher education was caused by the inability of the government to bear the cost. “However, the government gives a minimum of 20% education aid for the disadvantaged student,” said Mega.

The Edufest 2011 event, which was open by the Head of Sub Division of Interest and Talent Student Administration Office, Benny R. Saerang S.Sos., was held for two days, Saturday (08/17) and Sunday (08/18). Besides holding a discussion, Edufest 2011 also had and held debate and bulletin board competition for high school students, Unpad Alumni and Student Meeting, complex mentoring, scholarship stands, student exchange stands, book fair, food bazaar, Unpad Across the Time, Unpad Awards, and many entertaining performances.*


Report by: Purnomo Sidik



1. Mayer Rio - November 17, 2011

Is it the time to have a cooperation with Overseas institutions or open up campuses in Indonesia like what they are doing in Singapore and Malaysia for the last 10 years and more..these things will create and build more strong and better quality in teaching and its graduates…rather than sending our students to overseas why dont we keep them in our country to study and gets overseas institution degrees and experiences at the same time..

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